Wootton Vale and Shortstown Surgery go live with the eConsult digital triage and online consultation platform

Wootton Vale and Shortstown Surgery have now gone live with the eConsult digital triage and online consultation platform.

Click this link to use eConsult

This will allow the practice to better understand your needs and give you the right care at the right time and in the right place.

eConsult is a bit of software that allows you to make medical or administrative requests online, for free, in your own time. 

Once the type of help needed has been chosen, eConsult asks you questions which change in real-time based on your previous answers. These questions are very similar to the ones that would be asked during a face to face consultation and have been designed to give the GP practice staff all the information they need to safely triage everyone to the right care. This might be a follow-up call, a video consultation, prescriptions to collect from a pharmacist, a face to face with a nurse, an email with further information etc. 

Every eConsult is reviewed by a human at the practice, so you know you are getting the care your surgery thinks is right. Clinical eConsults will be reviewed by your doctors and administrative ones by the admin team, unless a clinician also needs to see them.  

To make an eConsult request to the practice, click on the link below.