Practice Team

Practice Business Manager

The Practice Business Manager is responsible for all the non-clinical and administrative functions to ensure the smooth running of the practice. In addition, Richie is responsible for the advanced IT, communications and technical systems employed at the practice to support the day-to-day operations and patient contact. In designing and maintaining these systems Richie draws upon his previous experience where he was running the IT systems for financial institutions in the City of London.

Richie Short

Admin Team Manager

The Admin Team Manager, Debbie Cleary is responsible for the the practices’ Admin and Helpdesk team. Debbie is also responsible for the staff rotas at the practice and assists with the accounts and finances.

If you have any concerns, queries or complaints regarding the practice or your treatment, these should be addresses to the Admin Team Manager.

Help Desk and Admin Team

A team of Helpdesk/Admin staff are here to answer the telephones, direct you to the appropriate person, assist with making appointments, answer any general questions and ensure you are seen promptly. The Admin team will also advise you on the outcome of test results although, as they are not clinically trained, they may need to refer you to a clinician for a more detailed explanation regarding your results. The Admin Team will, as necessary, invite you for annual reviews, health risk assessments and remind you when cervical smears are due.

Pamela Black
Lorenzina Dhillon
Maddie Marinaro
Abbigail Smith
Clare Wood