Healthcare Team

Advanced Level and Specialist Clinicians

Our specialist clinicians can see patients with undiagnosed medical conditions and make treatment decisions, including offer necessary investigations and making referrals and prescribing medications.

Lauren Barker (Specialist Nurse Practitioner)

Lawrence Fafowora (Senior Physician Associate)

Banumathy Murall (Specialist Nurse Practitioner)

Coil and implant fitting service.

Sarah Bailey (Specialist Nurse Practitioner Family Planning)


Appointments are available for baby immunisations, diet advice, wound care, contraception and pill checks, smears, removal of sutures, NHS travel vaccinations and assisting with minor surgery. Our specialist nurses will also offer consultations for asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension monitoring and NHS Health Checks.

Christine Jarratt (Practice Nurse)
Megan Collins (Practice Nurse and Palliative Care Lead)
Joanne Stephens (Practice Nurse)
Lisa Brett (Nurse Specialist Diabetes and Respiratory)
Josie Goode (Trainee Nurse Associate)

Pharmacy Team

Our long-term conditions and medicines monitoring is overseen by our Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Serush with the support of Sarah and Aden, our Pharmacy Technician. The team has set up a system of annual Long Term Condition reviews to ensure your medications are regularly monitored. Serush is assisted, where appropriate, but other visiting professionals Lisa NHSI team for more complex cases. Serush leads in hypertension and lipid management.

Sehrush Hussain (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)

Sarah (Clinical Pharmacist)

Aden Strong (Pharmacy Technician)