Nurses and Healthcare Team

Clinical Manager

Christine Jarratt is our Clinical Manager. She is a registered nurse who has also previously been a practice manager meaning she is ideally suited to this role. Christine’s duties include: Monitoring clinical performance; reporting to NHS England and the CCG; ensuring the smooth running of the practice and the nurses and; that the surgery maintains the highest clinical operational standards including infection control.


We have a very active nursing team now. Appointments are available with our nurses on every day of the week (apart from Wednesday afternoons). Appointments are available for baby immunisations, diet advice, wound care ,ear syringing, contraception and pill checks, smears, removal of sutures, travel advice & vaccination and assisting with minor surgery. Our specialist nurses will also offer consultations for asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac reviews, and minor illness.

Christine Jarratt
Cara Garney
Sarah Bailey
Megan Collins
Banu Murali
Jo Stephens

Women’s Health Manager

As the women’s healthcare manager, Anne-Marie’s role covers all aspects of fertility and sexual health from puberty to menopause and beyond. As a nurse prescriber she is able to treat as well. Her duties also include overseeing the specialist gynaecology and obstetric clinics, young person’s sexual health and child immunisations.

Anne-Marie Duranthon

Healthcare Coordinators (HCC)

The role of the HCC is new to General Practice in the UK, and this position has been developed to facilitate the provision of the best possible quality of care to patients of Wootton Vale Healthy Living Centre, with an emphasis on health care promotion.

Anne Meyern
Charlotte Choules 

Read our Healthcare Coordinator Information to find out more.

Healthcare Assistant/Phlebotomist

This role is to assist in the provision of the integrated nursing services to patients across a range of clinical settings in the Practice and community. Healthcare Assistants work alongside practice nurses and clinicians providing general and specialist medical services including blood tests, ECGs, smoking cessation and blood pressure monitoring.

Josie Goode

Clinical Pharmacist

Sehrush Hussain (Clinical Pharmacist)

Aden Strong (Pharmacy Technician)

Pharmacists re now widely working in GP practices to compliment the team of GPs and nurses by assisting with medication and long term condition reviews, managing patient medication and advising other clinicians regarding prescribing guidelines and changes to medicines.