Clinics & Services

Below lists all of the services the surgery provides for patients. For more information please book an appointment online, or ask a question using the contact the practice form.

Annual Reviews

The practice invites those with Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Respiratory and Cardiac conditions to attend at least once a year for review of their medication and condition. This is to ensure you are receiving the optimum treatment to maintain your quality of life.

We will also remind ladies when their cervical smear is due, and the under-fives when their immunisations are due.

This is in line with our practice ethos of preventative medicine.

Healthcare Coordinators

The practice has developed an innovative Healthcare Coordinator (HCC) role. When you register at the practice an HCC may carry out an initial health assessment and well person check if you fall within the qualifying criteria. We have two HCCs, Samantha and Anne, who offer weight management and dietary advice, smoking cessation support, and support for other lifestyle changes and social issues. They are also your named point of contact for any enquiries or concerns you may have, and deal with correspondence and referrals relating to you.

Your HCC will also contact you to invite you for health checks if you are in the qualifying age range (40-74).

  • Anne Meyern – 01234 762500
  • Samantha Hale – 01234 762500

Find out more information about Healthcare Coordinators.


Post-natal appointments with a GP are available on request. Childhood immunisation clinics are held on Thursday Mornings.

For more information about Childhood Immunisations visit NHS Choices.


Jenny, the midwife, visits the surgery every Wednesday morning for pre-booked appointments which should be booked through the surgery.

If you are pregnant then please book an appointment with the midwife, through the surgery at 7 weeks. Please note that, ordinarily, unless you have concerns there is no need to book an appointment with a doctor. First ante-natal bookings need a longer appointment to complete your hand held notes so please tell the Receptionist when booking your appointment.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery appointments are available on an ad-hoc basis. We also have the facility to photograph skin lesions to determine necessity of removal.

Non-NHS Services

Certain services and examinations are not covered by the NHS. These include items such as Private Medical Certificates, Private prescriptions, Insurance Claim Forms, Insurance Medicals Travel Cancellation Forms,  HGV & PSV medicals, other medical examinations and miscellaneous letters of confirmation.

The fee Scale is available on request from the help desk and follows the recommended BMA Guidelines.

Please note that we do not endorse Passport applications Forms.

Test Results

Most test results are received within five working days, although some may take longer. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment with a clinician if appropriate. Please note that you will not ordinarily be contacted in the event that your test result is normal. We recommend that you register for our online services where, among other things such as booking appointments and ordering prescriptions, you can view your test results via our website.

Women’s Healthcare Practitioner

20 or 40 minute appointments are available on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons for advice and treatment on contraception, cervical smears, fertility, ante-natal and post-natal care, menopause and general gynaecology, incontinence and any female issues.

Some procedures need the assistance of a clinical support worker so, where possible, please tell the help desk you are booking for a procedure (implants, IUD fitting).

Initial pregnancy confirmation, advice, and on-going pregnancy care are offered. Continuing care will then be shared with the midwife. Sexual health appointments are also available for males and females. For the under ‘25’s’, there is an opportunity to obtain free condoms and Chlamydia testing.

Other Services Provided

We also host specialist sessions provided by outside visiting professionals, both NHS and private, and will add to these as the demand grows. So far these include Gynaecology and Hearing advisory service.

Travel Clinic

The surgery can offer individual travel advice for your trip. It is important to think about your vaccinations at least 6 weeks before departure.

When you send the form to the practice, you will be offered a telephone consultation with a nurse to discuss any vaccinations and advice you require.  The nurse will, at this point, book you for a consultation should you require this.

At the surgery we can administer all vaccinations available on the NHS – these are as follows:

  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid

For vaccinations that are not available on the NHS you will need to consider attending a private travel clinic to obtain these – such as Rabies, Hepatitis B & Yellow Fever.

We are happy to give Malaria advice to all patients and advice on safe travel precautions with food, drink & sun exposure. Please note it is important to organise travel insurance for your trip and to declare all pre-existing medical conditions.