Wootton Vale Healthy Living Centre
NHSA centre for innovation in integrated healthcare


Clinic Director

The team is led by the Clinic Director who is responsible to the Primary Care Trust for the clinical management of the surgery, ensuring that high standards of staff competency are maintained.


Other GP’s and specialist doctors will join the team over time, as well as visiting specialists.

  • Dr Nikunj Patel (male)
  • Dr Ramesh Soma (male)
  • Dr Fran Ross (female)
  • Dr Charles Heaney (male)
  • Dr Kate Konning (female)
  • Dr Miten Patel (male)


We have a very active nursing team now. Appointments are available with our nurses on every day of the week (apart from Wednesday afternoons). Appointments are available for baby immunisations, diet advice, wound care ,ear syringing, contraception and pill checks, smears, removal of sutures, travel advice & vaccination and assisting with minor surgery. Our specialist nurses will also offer consultations for asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac reviews, and minor illness.

  • Cara Garney
  • Christine Jarratt
  • Kelly Darwin

Women's Health Manager

As the women’s healthcare manager, Anne-Marie’s role covers all aspects of fertility and sexual health from puberty to menopause and beyond. As a nurse prescriber she is able to treat as well.  Her duties also include overseeing the specialist gynaecology and obstetric clinics, young person’s sexual health and child immunisations.

Healthcare Coordinators (HCC)

The role of the HCC is new to General Practice in the UK, and this position has been developed to facilitate the provision of the best possible quality of care to patients of Wootton Vale Healthy Living Centre, with an emphasis on health care promotion.

For more information about HCC's click here. (pdf 24KB)

Healthcare Assistant

This role is to assist in the provision of the integrated nursing services to patients across a range of clinical settings in the Practice and community. Clinical Support Workers work alongside practice nurses and clinicians providing general and specialist medical services including blood tests, ECGs, smoking cessation and blood pressure monitoring,

  • Samantha Hale

Pharmaceutical and Medicines Advisor

  • Regina Ahmed

Practice Business Manager - Richie Short

The Practice Business Manager is responsible for all the non-clinical and administrative functions to ensure the smooth running of the practice. In addition, Richie is responsible for the advanced IT, communications and techinal systems employed at the practice to support the day-to-day operations and patient contact. In designing and maintaining these systems Richie draws upon his previous experience where he was running the IT systems for financial institutions in the City of London.

If you have any concerns, queries or complaints regarding the practice or your treatment, these should be addresses to the Practice Business Director.

Help Desk and Admin Team

Our team of Helpdesk/Admin staff are here to answer the telephones, direct you to the appropriate person, assist with making appointments, answer any general questions and ensure you are seen promptly.

  • Debbie Cleary
  • Lorenzina Dhillon
  • Coren Brice
  • Gayle Hardwick
  • Maddie Marinaro
  • Nessa Islam
  • Sara Flack
  • Joe Newbury
  • Wendy Payne
  • Clare Wood
  • Pam Black